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persistent data-structures.

What is burrahobbit?

burrahobbit offers you efficient persistent (immutable) data-structures with time complexity similar to the builtin mutable collections. Currently, persistent sets and dicts are offered by burrahobbit.

Which versions of Python are supported?

burrahobbit supports and is continuously tested with all CPython releases ranging from 2.4 to 3.2; additionally, the test-suite is also run with PyPy 1.4.

I'm in! How do I install it?

If you have pip available on your system, burrahobbit can conveniently be installed because it is available in the pypi (make sure you have the required permissions on the system; in case you are installing the package into a global directory you will probably need to execute the command in a root-shell or prepend it with sudo, depending on your system configuration).

Install burrahobbit with pip
$ pip install burrahobbit 
The same holds true for easy_installed (component of setuptools) – the permission note for the pip way also applies here.
Install burrahobbit with easy_install
$ easy_install burrahobbit
If none of these options work for you, just grab the source tarball and execute the following command.
Manual install
~/burrahobbit-0.1.0/ $ python setup.py install

Where can I find documentation?

You can find the documentation here.

Can I have the source-code?

Yes, of course! You can find tarballs for the official releases at GitHub, or check out the git repository over at GitHub for the latest development code.

I think I found a bug – where do I report it?

The issue tracker can be found over at GitHub.

Let me thank everyone filing issues for burrahobbit; I greatly value and appreciate any bug-reports, because, obviously, they are an important factor in development by allowing the developers to fix bugs they would not have found themselves. Do not hesitate to report minor inconveniences such as API decisions you consider backwards or spelling mistakes in the documentation; whatever issue you are filing, it is crucial in making burrahobbit better. Feel free to file feature requests, as they are integral in shaping burrahobbit the way its community wants it to be.

Where can I reach you?

Visit us in #bitsrc on irc.freenode.net, contact the maintainer via XMPP at segfaulthunter (AT) jabber (DOT) ccc (DOT) de, or send an email to florian.mayer (AT) bitsrc (DOT) org.